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Home Office: Pros & Cons of Working at Home

Working in a home office would be great, right? Well, I think it is, but it’s not for everyone. I’ve been home for a while now and I do like it, although I’m still searching for ways to be more structured so that I can be more successful.

There are definitely good and bad things about staying home all day. I’ve come up with some pros and cons for working in a home office:

Pros for Working in a Home Office

  • Make your own schedule
  • Be your own boss
  • Free to go to appointments for yourself and other household members
  • Work in your pj’s
  • Be home for service calls & package deliveries
  • Be home for the kids and hubby
  • No morning or afternoon commute
  • Sense of freedom

Cons for Working in a Home Office

  • Make your own schedule
  • Be your own boss
  • Free for appointments
  • Work in your pjs
  • Not getting out to socialize
  • It may not be steady income, depending on your businesshome office

How Can a Pro be a Con Too?

You’ve probably noticed that some items are listed under the pros and cons. Some things you may consider to be a pro can actually be a con for someone else. We all have different work ethics and home lives, so it’s not going to be same for everyone when making the decision to work from home.

  • Making your own schedule sounds awesome and if you are good at keeping yourself on a schedule, it works well, but if you’re easily distracted and don’t try to keep to your schedule, you may fall behind on your success goals.
  • It’s great to be your own boss and not have to answer to someone above you, but don’t forget to hold yourself responsible for meeting goals and keeping up your work standards.
  • Being able to go to appointments without having to worry about taking time off work or making up your time at work is great. Just remember to keep to your schedule as much as possible. It’s so easy to let things go for another day when you work for yourself.
  • Working in your pj’s is probably everybody’s dream, but it can cause you to become lazy. Don’t forget to get fixed up at some point during the day.

All in all, for me, there are more pros than cons for working at home, but it really depends on the business you’re in and your motivation and drive to make your home business succeed. Dedication is a key element for success. For more information, check out this great website from Laureen Miles Brunelli for ideas for working at home. Or check out one of my other posts here and here.