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Earn money online! More links

There are so many ways to earn money online. Through research and talking with others I’ve compiled a list of a few more websites that help you do just that. Soooo, are you

Ready to learn more about earning money at home?

  • I originally said I didn’t earn a lot of money online with a data entry site that I use. Well, things have changed somewhat, possibly because it’s tax season. I’ve been doing pretty well with The Smart Crowd here lately. Today I worked for two hours with quick breaks in-between to do my other online things, and earned $3.19. Yesterday I worked a lot more on it and earned almost $8. As long as your balance is at least $30 they pay out on the 1st and 15th each month. They transfer your earnings to Dwolla, which is just like PayPal.
  • A friend of mine recommended Mturk. It’s a crowd sourcing website from Amazon. I’ve been trying it out for about a month and so far I like it pretty well. I’ve got $42 in my account right now and I haven’t spent a terrible amount of time on it. After you sign up through Amazon Payments you can choose tasks, or “hits”, as they call them. These hits are available pretty earn money onlinemuch 24/7. Some hits will have you doing data entry, some will have you watch a video and click when a specific action occurs. There are also shopping receipts to copy information from and just about anything else you can imagine. The more hits you complete, the more hits become available to you. The only problem I really have with mturk is that there’s not a lot of instructions as to how you qualify for a hit. I know there are online forums where you can talk with other mturkers, but I haven’t found the time to really investigate everything. It’s a good way to earn money online and it helps with the monotony of some of the other websites. When you request payment they transfer the money to your PayPal account.
  • I have been doing Inbox Dollars for years. There is a potential to earn money online with this site, but I haven’t made a whole lot with it, mainly because when I first started working on these sites it seemed too time-consuming and then I found Swagbucks and I like it better. Inbox dollars is very much like Swagbucks in that there are videos, surveys, and other offers that pay. What I like about Inbox Dollars is that they send you a few emails a day and all you have to do is click on the link to check out their advertisement and voilá you’ve automatically earned 2 cents without even having to go to the website. I hadn’t clicked my emails in a while, so the other day I went to the site and clicked on emails from the last month. I earned over $1 in 5 minutes. Your balance must be $30 before you can request a payment, but the payment can be in gift cards or a check.
  • My sister uses Survey Downline and she really likes it. She makes decent money on each survey she completes, but she has better demographics than me. The researchers doing the surveys want a specific demographic and I don’t qualify for a lot of surveys because I live in a rural area, have no kids at home, and I work from home (at least for now). I’m not sure all the ways you can be paid out with them, but I do know one way is PayPal.
  • My niece does Receipt Hog. You take photos of shopping receipts with your phone and turn them in to earn coins. You can also win at Hog Slots and by doing surveys. The coins can be cashed in for Amazon gift cards or PayPal transfers. I started doing it also, but I’m so disorganized I always forgot to snap photos of my receipts.

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