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Fall & Halloween Ideas for Parties & Porch

Halloween is coming upon us fast! Can you believe how time flies? It seems like a few days agohalloween ideas when the redbuds and dogwoods were in bloom here in my part of the world. Now the nights are downright chilly and the days have a soft warmth, which I love. The time is at hand to start coming up with Halloween ideas, as well as fall decorations.

Halloween Ideas for your Party

I turn to Pinterest for ideas for any occasion. There are so many great DIY Halloween ideas, fall decorations, fun recipes, and everything else you could ever come up with. Some of my favorite Halloween pins:

  • This skull cheese ball tickles me. I had planned to make it for our Halloween party, but we’ve decided not to have one and go to a haunted house, pumpkin patch, and other fall goings-on instead.
  • How about this all meat party table? I love it, although I wasn’t going to do this one for our party-too costly. But so cool!
  • Now this one I was so going to do! A bowl of worms, hehe. Only I was going to put alcohol in them for jello shooters. 🙂

Here are some great online stores to get your supplies for your party, costume, and decorations:

  • Dollar Days is a great place to shop for party favors and decorations at wholesale prices. When you sign up for an account with them you get free shipping on your first order. So why not check out the Dollar Days Halloween Store. You may find just what you need!
  • A quirky, outside-the-box online store you’ll want to check out is Things You Never Knew Existed. They have some really cool things. Click this link and receive 20% off all Halloween items!
  • Annie’s has all kinds of craft patterns and supplies, including Halloween. Check them out for some fall and Halloween ideas.

Fall Decorations for your Porch & Lawn

Here’s a link on Pinterest for 27 Fall Porch Decorating Ideas. Love these! Lots of great ideas to pretty up the outside of your home.

You can make pretty wreaths from bittersweet. Bittersweet grows in a large portion of thefall decorations United States. It is a thick vine with leaves and towards fall they develop orange “balls”. These balls open up in the fall and expose pretty bright berries. You can do cuttings for flower arrangements, as well.

Another thing I love for fall (or any occasion, really) is burlap flags and wall hangings. Here’s a really cute one.

I hope you come away from this post with some inspiration. It’s a great time of year for street fairs, festivals, bonfires, and decorating.

If you try out any of these ideas and/or websites, please let me know. I’d love to see photos, too.

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