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Earn Cash & Gift Cards Online! Swagbucks Introduction

You truly can earn money by using some online sites. My favorite is Swagbucks, so I’ll go over that one with you today. Signing up is easy and quick. All the tasks you accomplish on Swagbucks earn you Swag Bucks and 1 SB is basically equivalent to 1 cent. Your balance is always shown at the top right of the page. Here’s my balance at this moment

swagbucks home

I have earned quite a bit over the last few months and cashed in some of my SB for e-gift cards for Christmas shopping, etc. and some of my SB I have transferred to my PayPal account. You must redeem your SB in increments of $5, $10, $20, etc. Whatever’s left over just stays in your balance for the next time.

sb orders

Along the top of your Swagbucks page there’s your daily goal. You don’t have to reach this goal but if you do, at the end of the month you will receive the bonus listed next to the goal. These bonuses really add up.

Once you get signed up you can click on offers. Along the left side of the home page is a menu. The first thing I usually do each day is click on Discover. There are offers from quite a few “partner” sites. For an example, let’s click on Trial Pay offers. I generally break down the offers by clicking on Free and then Sort by: Low to High. This will give you a few choices. Yeah, the SB is low but generally the low ones are quicker and there’s no signup required.


I do this with each partner site listed and then I go back to the home page and see if there are any one-click offers or short videos to watch. A one-click offer is an offer you click on and get almost instant SB. Effortless!

I go over some of the other things I do each day and some of the other tasks available on the site here. I hope you’ll give it a try.

Earn those Sb!