5 Reasons to Support Small Businesses

Hi guys. It’s been a while since I’ve written a post. What have y’all been up to? I’ve been cracking away at Swagbucks, Mturk, my part-time job, and crafts the last month. The holidays will soon be here and I haven’t even started my shopping. I’ve got to get on the ball! I’m going to do my best to support small businesses this season.

Small businesses used to be a staple in this country. Every town had a main street booming support small businesseswith local shops. These days, buying from local people is becoming a thing of the past. And buying local doesn’t have to be at a physical store. There are many crafters and independent sales companies out there, as well.

I’ve come up with 5 reasons to support small businesses.  I hope you’ll consider helping out your local folks!

  1. The arrival of bigger, cheaper companies has helped put a lot of mom and pop shops out of business. That’s not the only factor involved in shutdowns but it does make a huge difference. Big corporations like Walmart will probably always be around. They don’t need our support as much as the little guy.
  2. If we would all support small businesses in our towns, there wouldn’t be so many empty, crumbling buildings in downtown areas. Buying small from local businesses helps the local economy and contributes to a spirit of pride in and for your community.
  3. Many times, small businesses are gift shops with handmade items. At the shop where I work, buying handmade not only helps the shop owner, but also the artist, as they share in the proceeds. Most people really enjoy receiving handmade items; many times the quality is better because it’s not mass-produced-no one item is exactly the same.
  4. Shopping small can build a lasting relationship with the shop owners. They generally have more time to help you and will be more likely to accommodate you in any way they can. This kind of service goes a long way in today’s world. I think small business owners appreciate their customers so much more.
  5. If you support small businesses it helps keep the money in your community. The money you spend isn’t going to a corporation run out of a different town or country. You can generally feel good about your purchases.

A great time to support small businesses is Small Business Saturday. It’s always the day aftersupport small businesses Black Friday, being November 26 this year. Much like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, many small shop owners will have sales.This link will allow you to search for shops in your area. You can also check out Facebook for local shops and independent sellers.

I realize that sometimes it just makes sense to spend your money at big box retailers because their prices are cheaper. But cheaper prices sometimes also means cheaply made. And small stores are not always more expensive. Some have very reasonable prices.

I hope you’ll be able to help your community this holiday season. Get out there and #ShopSmall on #SmallBizSat!



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