10 Ways to Help Keep Love Alive

Most of us have had heartbreak in our romantic relationships, It’s tough to find the right one, that special person to spend our lives with. And when you do find them it can be tough to keep datinglove alive. Sometimes we think we’ve got our forever love and things begin to go south and it just doesn’t work out. It’s so deflating and sad when that happens.

I’m definitely not an expert, but I’ve learned a lot about trying to keep love alive. After the passing of my husband of 24 years and a boyfriend it gave me a different perspective on how we should treat one another in a love relationship. I strive every day to show my boyfriend love, respect, and affection. And he does the same. Not that we have to try that hard-we’re happy to have found one another after all that we both went through previously.

Once we move on from the heartache and find another partner, we can use what we’ve learned in the past to make the new relationship better and long lasting. That’s not to say it’s always easy, it can be a challenge, but if you love and respect someone, it’s worth it to give it your all. Here are some tips to try to help keep your romance from getting stale:

    • Put your partner’s needs before your own, SOMETIMES, not always.
    • Don’t take them for granted; always appreciate what they do for you, no matter how small, and show them your appreciation.
    • Always treat your love with respect, even when you’re in a disagreement. Don’t allow heated moments to cause you to say things you will regret. And most especially, no name calling! Even slight moments of disrespect can add up over time and cause disappointment and dissatisfaction, leading to hard feelings.
    • Don’t be quick to judge. Give them the benefit of the doubt until you know the details of a situation. And realize that we all have a past and make mistakes.
    • Be spontaneous. Leave little love notes in their lunchbox and other places and plan little surprises for them. Take an unplanned road trip or play in the rain.
    • Find common interests or a new interest. This will give you more to talk about, a tighter bond, and another reason to spend time together.
    • Talk-really talk, and listen. Don’t just make superficial conversation. Show interest in their beliefs, past experiences, and future plans. There should always be communication.
    • Show lots of affection. Hug and hold hands frequently. Human touch is so important, keep love aliveemotionally and physically.
    • Make time to spend alone together from time to time, with no kids or other interruptions.
    • Do the “Love Dare”. The book is written by Stephen and Alex Kendrick and is a great tool to help keep love alive with couples. It gives you tasks to do each day to show your love for each other.


A healthy relationship shouldn’t always be one-sided, so keep that in mind when trying out these suggestions. There should be some reciprocation. Once you find a great relationship, hold on to it and treasure what you have.

For more information about “The Love Dare”, check out the book’s website.

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