Yard Sales, Fairs, & Festivals 2016

yard salesIt’s that time of year again. Time for yard sales, fairs, festivals, and outdoor flea markets. There’s always a lot of attractions to visit from spring through fall. I know I’m hoping to go to at least some yard sales and the Little World’s Fair in Brodhead, KY this year. I’ve compiled some information on events that may interest you.

Yard Sales

There are four major yard sales that I’m aware of that run through my neck of the woods:

  1. US 25 Yard Sale-June 2-4, 2016. It’s the fifth annual sale and the 4th longest in America. It spans more than 565 miles on US 25 and 25W from Covington, KY to Woodfield, NC and Clinton, TN. Check out their Facebook page for more information.
  2. 400 Mile Sale-June 2-5, 2016. This sale goes along Highway 68 from Paducah, KY to Maysville, KY. Here is their website for more information.
  3. 127 Corridor Sale-August 4-7, 2016. It’s touted as the world’s longest yard sale at 690 miles, running from Addison, MI to Gadsden, AL. Check out their site.
  4. East 80 Yard Sale-Labor Day weekend. From London, KY to Manchester, KY. They have a Facebook page.


There are sooo many fairs & festivals. Here’s a few that I find interesting:

  1. Ohio State Fair-end July-early August. One of the largest state fairs in America, check out their website for more information. Ohio is my home state.
  2. Indiana State Fair-August. You can get more information about the sixth oldest state fair fairshere. The fair has had many famous visitors and is nationally known for many of their showcases.
  3. Kentucky State Fair-mid-August. Attracts over 600,000 visitors each year. One of their attractions is a World Championship Horse Show. For more information, here’s a link.

For more information about our state fairs, here’s an interesting Top 30 State Fairs website.

Our local fair in Brodhead has been running for many years. It’s the first week of August every year. Here’s their Facebook link.


Just about every town in America has at least one festival every year. In my area we have quite a few. There are just too many to name, but I found 2016 Top 100 Events with some very interesting events. Maybe you can find something the whole family will enjoy that isn’t too far from your home.

Craft Showscraft shows

There are numerous craft shows all year long, but especially spring-Christmas. A lot of local churches and other organizations hold them, sometimes for charity. Here’s another website to check out for dates and locations of some of them.

Here’s a fun fact for ya-March is National Craft Month.

I hope you find something really cool to do this season!

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