Money Saving Tips in the Kitchen

Hello all! Today I’d like to share some money saving tips in the kitchen that help me.

I’ve always saved leftovers, but sometimes there’s not enough veggies to save for another dinner. Years ago I started throwing leftover beans, peas, corn, cabbage, whatever, into a freezer bowl all together, juice and all. Then when I’m ready to make vegetable soup, I already have a great base. Just dump the contents of the bowl in your pot and add what you need to finish it off.  I think my mom advised me to do this but I’m not sure.

Something else my mom does-when she has to open a can of tomato paste but doesn’t need it all, she puts the unused part in a baggie and sticks it in the freezer. No waste and cheaper than buying the tubes of tomato paste. My mom is the queen of leftovers. I may have to hit her up for some more money saving tips!save money

Another money saving tip for soup-whenever I make a roast, carrots, and potatoes the next day I use all the leftovers for vegetable beef soup. I use the same pot and just cut up all the veggies and meat and add everything else I need. The broth from the roast gives the soup a great taste.

Buy your bread on sale or at a day old store and stick it in the freezer. It really doesn’t make much of a difference in the taste and texture. If you forget to take a loaf out in time to thaw, pop some in the toaster and there you go!

Buy up milk on sale as well. Use a little bit out of the gallon so it won’t expand too much and store it in the freezer. The only thing is that you have to thaw it out in the fridge a day or two before you’re going to need it so it will thaw evenly, and shake it up before using.

Leftover mashed potatoes are not usually very tasty, but have you ever made potato pancakes out of them? Add some milk, flour, and onions if you want them and fry them just like pancakes. I think some people also add an egg. These go well with breakfast or dinner. That’s probably what I’m going to make tonight with our meal.

I don’t like frozen green beans much, but I usually buy peas and corn from the freezer section. That way I can add them to any recipe and not have to open a can and I can use just the amount I need. I make a lot of things on the fly and add this or that until it satisfies me, so that works well.

To make hamburger go farther, add store-bought bread crumbs or throw a few pieces of bread in a little food processor. I usually barely get 4 burgers from a pound, but I did this yesterday along with a little bit of minced onion and got 5 good-sized burgers. They tasted a little different, more like meatloaf or Salisbury steak, but I liked them.

Lastly, I get most of our groceries from Save-a-Lot. I know some people don’t like off brand foods, but almost everything I’ve ever gotten there tastes just as good if not better than name brand. The one downfall to shopping there is that some items, like specialty foods, are not generally available. Another cheap place to shop is local salvage grocery stores. We have a couple in my area, where local people buy pallets of groceries and resell them. Some items may be slightly dented, a little past sell by date, or items that didn’t go over well in groceries. There’s not a lot of selection, but sometimes you can find some great items cheap!

For more money saving tips check out this post. I would love to learn about your money saving tips, kitchen or otherwise. Please share any ideas you have! 🙂



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