Earn Money Online With Swagbucks Part 2

Ready to earn money with Swagbucks?

Yep, that’s right, you really can earn money online. I do it every day of the week and it’s really become part of my daily routine. Check out my balance. It’s grown since the last time I wrote.  I’ve basically got $135 I can cash in. A week ago when I shared my balance I had $113.

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I talked before about some of the things I do daily. Here’s what I do next: after going through the partner sites under the Discover tab, I go back to the home page. Along the left side of the screen about halfway down I click on Daily Poll and answer a quick question. That’s 1 SB. It takes less than a minute. Back to the home page I click on Daily Crave and earn another SB. Back to home I click on Daily Offers. This is a series of offers that you can sign up for or skip. I Just skip each offer until it’s done. There’s usually less than 10 offers. At the end type in a 3 letter Captcha and earn 2 SB.

After that I generally check out the Answer tab and try to qualify for surveys. My demographics are not very desirable for most surveys but even if I don’t qualify Swagbucks usually awards 1 disqualification SB for each one. I don’t spend a lot of time here because I really don’t like doing surveys. Next is the Watch tab. I like to do NCrave under that tab. NCrave has videos that are short and usually offer 1-6 SB. At this point I’m usually close to my goal for the day, but if not I turn to my phone and use Swagbucks apps to watch videos.

The phone apps I have are SBTV, LifeStylz TV, EntertaiNow TV, MovieCli.ps, Indy Music TV, and Sportly TV. I rarely use all of them in a day. For every 6 videos watched on SBTV, you earn 2 SB. The rest of the apps require you to watch 15 videos per 2 SB. There’s a limit of 36 SB that you can earn each day on SB, LifeStylz, and EntertaiNow.

The last three have an earning limit of 10 SB each day. This sounds like a lot of videos to have to watch but you don’t have to watch the whole thing. You can click on done and it will go to the next video. Generally, if you choose the Short Clips category it goes much faster. None of those clips usually go much over 1 minute and most are well under a minute. You can let them run while you’re doing other things.

There are a lot more things that can be done on the website. There’s a Shop tab on the home page. You can order online with Target, Wal-Mart, Lowe’s, and many other stores. If you place your order through the link on Swagbucks then you will earn money back in the form of SB. By making Swagbucks your default search engine you will earn random amounts of SB for your searches. Sometimes you are awarded after just a couple of searches, sometimes it takes a while. I have earned as little as 4 SB and as much as 20 SB this way.

I know it seems like a lot of clicking for little payoff, but hey, you can do these things in your spare time while you’re watching TV or sitting in a waiting room, so there’s very little effort and it’s surprising how fast your balance grows. To me, it’s a great way to earn a little extra income.

Check out Part 1 of the Swagbucks Intro here. Stay tuned for more ways to earn money from the comfort of your home!


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