Working From Home: Making Extra Income

I’ve been out of a regular job since August 2015 and I’m trying to find ways to earn extra money by working from home. I’ve been combing the internet for ideas and there are a lot of options out there. Some of them are even great. **Update 10/18/16: I’m working part-time now as well as all the online stuff and loving it.

I found a website that allows you to do data entry. It’s only a few bucks a weekday, but hey, it’s a start. A big plus is that they always pay when they’re supposed to. Your earnings are transferred to Dwolla, which is like PayPal.   **Update: I’ve written a review post on this site with more information. You can find it here.

I also found a lot of sites that pay you to answer surveys, watch videos, click links, etc. I haveworking from home found that Swagbucks   is the right choice for me. Income can be as small or large as you want, depending on the amount of time you want to spend. I don’t like to do surveys at all so I spend most of my time on videos and clicks.  I typically make a dollar or two each day. **Update: Here’s a link to a more extensive post about Swagbucks. And here’s one for part two of that post.

Since I’ve decided to try my hand at working from home, I’ve also been trying to start up my crochet business again. I’ve crocheted for years off and on, and I’m attempting to ramp it back up by doing sales on my Facebook page.

I’ll share more information, photos, and links to all of these small ventures and some other work-at-home ideas in future posts. And if anyone has some great recommendations for ways to earn extra money please feel free to share them! We’ll explore our options together. Lord knows, we can all use a little help earning extra money.

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      Thank you Louise! I really appreciate your business. I’m going to get around to sharing some of my crochet tips, patterns, and products on here evenutally! 🙂

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