Shoemoney Network Review Legit or Scam?

I’m always looking for ways to earn extra income so I had to check out Shoemoney, started by Jeremy Schoemaker. After following the  internet millionaire for a couple of weeks now, I’m quite impressed. In an effort to help others prosper with internet marketing, he started a free course to guide people through all the steps needed to start a website, blog, Facebook business page, and cool tips on how to boost all of the above.

As you go through the course you level up with belts just like karate. Once you accomplish your black belt there are free Ninja courses. Not only is the course free, Jeremy also pays you as you advance to each belt. So far I have not paid a dime to them, but Shoe Money has paid me a total of $9.00. They sent the money almost immediately straight to PayPal.

Shoemoney income

Jeremy teaches you how to install themes, plugins, how to market your pages, etc. The videos are not long and very easy to watch. I did run in to some problems on my way through the program, mostly because of my computer illiteracy. I’ve been able to work each small issue out along the way. As of now I’ve tweaked my existing Facebook page, I’m learning the ins and outs of blogging, how to set up email newsletters, and other ways to direct folks to my pages. I still have some things to learn but I’m hoping that when I complete the additional Ninja courses I’ll be a (almost) pro.

It’s easy to be skeptical; It was surprising when I got my first $1.00 just because I shared a link on Facebook. I have faith in Jeremy and do NOT believe that Shoemoney is a scam.  I will continue with what I’ve been taught because it’s valuable information. Even if I don’t stick with it and make the income I’m hoping for, I have learned a lot from the Shoemoney Network. So give it a shot. You’ve got nothing to lose. For more information, visit Jeremy’s blog.

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